05 Sep

It is with great pleasure that we here at TAMAR are able to confirm the following new positions earnt fully by part of the team!

Over the years, they have proven loyalty, work ethic and continued and relentless determination to further themselves and TAMAR.

Josh is now the General Manager, using his varied skills to push along many projects and works direct with clients in the bespoke department! Josh started with TAMAR and is integral to where we are now. Thankyou!

Jamie is now the fencing and decking Manager, completing all aspects of timberwork and now actively pushing the new venture of sheds and furniture! Jamie again was at the beginning and has been the utmost professional and hard working lad! Thankyou!

Mike is now the maintenance and clearance manager whilst actively helping on the soft landscape department. Mike joined in the first year and has progressed through the company to show great determination and drive to match the skill set! Thankyou!

This is just the beginning, we love to promote from within here at TAMAR and nurture home grown talent! It’s a team effort and all at TAMAR have helped these gents get to where they are, we are very proud.

We look forward to you seeing more of their great work and Thankyou for your support!

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