Design & Build

Design & Build

Here at Tamar we want to cater to all needs, But understand the difference between private and commercial ! 

So was born.... 'Tamar: Design & Build'

Our skilled tradesman's completing the quality garden packages, to your budget!!

Bring the professional feel to the private sector.... Bespoke , your stop shop for all external needs.


  • Extensions! 
  • Full designs and builds!
  • Retaining structures and Garden levelling!
  • Driveways !
  • Stonewalls ! 
  •  paving/ patios

Different patio's slabs 

  • Black limestone slabs
  • Silver/ Indian sand stone slabs
  • Brick paving

We have perfected our craft and go into every project with 100% dedication!  To complete a seamless, beautiful project !!

From a small flower bed to a complete remodel …. It's What We Do !! 

'Bespoke: From Beginning To End'